The Corvelous Project.

The idea behind the Corvelous Project was to build up some background and characters around an army I am building. To write it all down in some “articles” to build up some fluff around the army.

When I build armies I tend to go for models that I like, or i’ll come up with a cool idea for a scratch build model and I want to play it even though it might not totally match an army book entry.

It all started with the army I have just finished from the Imperial Armour 13 book. It’s a renegades and Heretics list full of Nurgle themed Imperial Guard. At the same time I had scratch built an Inquisitor from a bunch of Space Marine parts, I didn’t really have an army to us him in but I loved the model and wanted to play with it, so how could I get it into my new Heretics army? I worked out a way and this kinds spawned a whole story around these models so I though why not write it all down. There isn’t a story here, or a fixed defined timeline, its just some fluff I want to write around a bunch of cool models I painted. Head over to the Corvelous Project page to find out more.


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